Mango Tamarindo | MILD | 6 Pack

Mango Tamarindo | MILD | 6 Pack
Dulces Colibri | Mango Tamarindo | Mild Chili Mango
Dulces Colibri | Mango Tamarindo | Mild Chili Mango
Dulces Colibri | Mango Tamarindo | Mild Chili Mango
Product image 1Mango Tamarindo | MILD | 6 Pack
Product image 2Dulces Colibri | Mango Tamarindo | Mild Chili Mango
Product image 3Dulces Colibri | Mango Tamarindo | Mild Chili Mango
Product image 4Dulces Colibri | Mango Tamarindo | Mild Chili Mango

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Individual Package Size: 1.5 oz.

Our Mango Oscuro is our least spicy mango flavor. It is also known as Mango Tamarindo. We start off with chewy dehydrated mango slices and we coat them in a sweet & sour layer. We then top them off with our signature dark spice blend. These mangoes are as mild as Mexican candy can get, and of course they are hand crafted every step of the way.



We pride ourselves in our unrivaled top quality and another very important requirement for us is to make sure that our candies are affordable to everyone. This is why we decided to create a product line that is made with the highest possible quality ingredients, and sold at the lowest possible price. In other words, Great taste without breaking the bank!


We know that sharing is caring, however we also know that we all enjoy our food differently. Eat it whole, or enjoy it little by little! Our packaging is moisture proof to keep your candy fresh and ready for when those cravings hit. They are also resealable so you can save them for later once you've already opened them.


Our healthy portion sizes are perfect for kids and meal prepping. Ever bough a big bag of candy for your kids and told them to eat a little and save the rest for later only to find out that they devoured the whole bag? When kids open a bag of candy, they typically keep on eating until the bag is empty regardless of the size of the bag. When you give them a small pack they can finish the whole bag and you'll know that they wont be overloading themselves with sugars.  


Our products were made with the "ON THE GO" lifestyle in mind. We live in an ever so busy world where we are always in the middle of doing something and moments for personal care don't come very often. Our individually sized packs fit perfectly in your glove compartment, tote bag, backpack or purse so whether you're stuck in traffic, in the bus on your way to work, on a 5 minute office break or on your way back home from the gym, our individual packs are always ready to satisfy those cravings.


There is no point to having versatile on the go packaging if you are going to end up with a sticky hand getting glued to whatever you touch. This is why we package all of our products with a mess free experience in mind. Sure, you might end up with a bit of chili on your finger, but thats nothing that a good o'lick cant fix!


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