Premium Gummy Chamoy | Ultimate Care Pack

Premium Gummy Chamoy | Ultimate Care Pack

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Colibri Sampler Subscription Box

  • Our Premium Gummy Chamoy Bundle is the ultimate care pack to take care of those chili chamoy gummy cravings!! Always made fresh to order and delivered right at your door.
  • With 6 different candy types, you tastebuds are guaranteed to be amazed every time you try a new candy type.
  • Resealable: Keep your candy fresh even after you've opened it.
  • Our mess free approach makes our snacks very convenient to take just about anywhere. You wont end up in a sticky mess getting glued to everything you touch.
  • We've been specializing in chili coated Mexican candy since 2003 and our main candy artisans have 20+ years of experience in Mexican Traditional Candy. 


Candy Types included

Rainbow Bitez - 7oz Jar x 1

Gummy Chamoy Kidz 

- 7oz Jar x 1

Fruity Gushies 

- 7oz Jar x 1

Fruity Saverz 

- 7oz Jar x 1

Watermelon Minies 

- 7oz Jar x 1

Fruity Soft Candy 

- 7oz Jar x 1

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