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Chamoy Soft Candy | Premium

Chamoy Soft Candy | Premium

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Our Premium Gummy Chamoy Jars were added to our product line due to many customers requesting a mess free approach. We know there are many versions of this type of candy out there, however in our version we decided to stay true to our tradition of top-quality ingredients and a mess free approach. We start off with pepper flakes which give a distinctive pepper taste without being too spicy (despite of how intimidating the pepper flakes might look) we then add a hint of lime flavor and a touch of salt to achieve that perfect balance of pepper, salt & lime. 


Because we coat our candy with a generous amount of our Colibri Spice Blend, the flavor lingers for much longer than the wet version. This means that a jar of our Premium Gummy Chamoy is sure to last you for a while.


There is no point to having versatile on the go packaging if you are going to end up with a sticky hand getting glued to whatever you touch. This is why we package all of our products with a mess free experience in mind. Sure, you might end up with a bit of chili on your finger, but that's nothing that a good o'lick cant fix!


Eat it whole, or enjoy it little by little! Our packaging is moisture proof to keep your candy fresh and ready for when those cravings hit. They are also resealable so you can save them for later once you've already opened them.



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