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Mango Colibri - Premium

Mango Colibri - Premium
Mango Colibri - Premium
Mango Colibri - Premium
Mango Colibri - Premium
Product image 1Mango Colibri - Premium
Product image 2Mango Colibri - Premium
Product image 3Mango Colibri - Premium
Product image 4Mango Colibri - Premium

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Gourmet Mango Enchilado Individual Packs

Individual Package Size: 1.5 oz.

SPICY LEVEL: Medium Mild

Our Premium Mango Enchilado is our original mango flavor taken to the next level. We hand craft these mangoes with three top priorities: QUALITY, QUALITY & QUALITY. Only the best quality ingredients available on the market are used in every step of the way. All you need is a bite to find out for yourself.


This product is not just a great tasting treat, its also a great looking one. The individual packaging is:

  • Moisture proof to prevent them from becoming sticky.
  • UV resistant to prevent the spices from losing their color and taste due to the sun's radiation.
  • Resealable for your convenience and to help maintain product freshness even after its been opened.
We then place those individual packs into an elegant box to further shield the product from surrounding heat sources. This makes our Premium Mango Enchilado a perfect gift for even those with the most demanding taste buds. 


Mangoes are a great source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. They are also a good source of fiver. With only 150 calories per pack and most of them consisting of carbohydrates, its easily accessible energy that you body can use to start replenishing itself. It also prevents you from being really hungry on the way back home from the gym, making you less likely to give in to your cravings and stop for a greasy meal.


Our products were made with the "ON THE GO" lifestyle in mind. We live in an ever so busy world where we are always in the middle of doing something and moments for personal care don't come very often. Our individually sized packs fit perfectly in your glove compartment, tote bag, backpack or purse so whether you're stuck in traffic, in the bus on your way to work, on a 5 minute office break or on your way back home from the gym, our individual packs are always ready to satisfy those cravings.


There is no point to having versatile on the go packaging if you are going to end up with a sticky hand getting glued to whatever you touch. This is why we package all of our products with a mess free experience in mind. Sure, you might end up with a bit of chili on your finger, but thats nothing that a good o'lick cant fix!


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